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What You Can Expect from Each Sun Sign


No secrets or hidden agenda here, as Aries is straightforward. Your Arien lover may be slightly childish at times and may have the occasional temper tantrum.


Taureans are financially shrewd, so listen to your partner’s advice. They will create a beautiful, comfortable home, but can be obstinate and overpossessive.


With a Gemini partner, boredom will be a foreign word. Variety is the spice of a Gemini’s life, and they need to be constantly on the move, mentally and physically. Sometimes Gemini is inconsistent and talkative.


Your Cancer lover will be intuitive, kind, and helpful. Cancerians are extremely tenacious and highly protective of their loved ones, but can be moody and inclined to self-pity.


Leos in love are forthright, faithful, and discerning. They will go to almost any length to avenge an injury done to a member of their family. Your Leo partner may be a bit conceited and overbearing.


Your Virgo lover may often be critical, but never unkind. These are the perfectionists of the zodiac, particularly insofar as their own behavior is concerned. You may find them finicky and apt to worry about nothing.


Librans are deeply loving and sensual, cheerful, and usually willing to compromise. They’re easygoing and like a quiet life. You may be irritated by their indecision and find their untidiness trying.


Scorpios are totally honest and fair-minded, but they usually get what they want. They have strong feelings about most things, but seldom put them into words. Your lover will be extremely perceptive, but the jealousy and moodiness may be hard to take.


Sagittarians can be interesting and exciting lovers; your life will not be dull. They are ambitious and versatile, with a strong adventurous streak, but their restlessness and extravagance may trouble you.


Capricorns are great companions, loyal and fun-loving. They’re modest, sincere, and good organizers. Their loyalty is unquestionable. However, they’re inclined to be wet blankets at times.


Any relationship with Aquarius is likely to be full of surprises. These people are intelligent, eccentric, and erratic. They’re highly sexed but make good friends, too. Their lack of tact could cause problems.


Intensely emotional, loving, and lovable, your Piscean partner will never let you down. They feel their purpose in life is to fulfill your every need. In time, you may find such adoration too much to handle.



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