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Virgo in Love

You will be a trustworthy partner, generous to a fault with the one you love, but not until you have formed a lasting relationship. You need to be 110 percent sure that this is the real thing before committing yourself to any partnership, and this can take a long time. It’s not your bashfulness that holds you back, but your faultfinding perfectionism that inhibits you.
You will be instantly and constantly aware of any minor flaw in your potential partner and, if he or she fails to measure up to your requirements, you’ll drop that individual immediately. Then you will feel guilty, thus exacerbating your lack of selfesteem.

When you do finally make up your mind and embark on a permanent relationship, you are completely faithful and kind.

Being an earth sign, you are a surprisingly adept lover. Should you discover that you’ve made a mistake, your kindness and sense of duty, not to mention your dislike of emotional upheaval, will probably mean that you’ll stay put and try again.

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