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Taurus in Love

Taurus never rushes into anything, particularly where affairs of the heart are concerned. You’re often reluctant to show your feelings, and love at first sight is definitely not for you. Your worst scenario would be to be let your guard down, and you are very cautious about the mating game. This hesitation can be misunderstood. Be careful that it is not mistaken for complete lack of interest. Once you’re sure of your feelings (and of your lover) you will enter into a passionate and enduring relationship, and thereafter you will remain devoted to your partner Even then, you show your love by actions rather than words because you find communication difficult. Because you’re clever with money, you will be able to provide a comfortable and beautiful home for your family—and they will certainly be well fed. Taurus is usually too reserved to play the field as far as suitors are concerned. If you have been hurt in the past, you’ll be suspicious about new relationships, and this could make you reluctant to show your feelings.

Although it’s usually well hidden, you do have a rather jealous nature. You can also be deeply hurt, often because you have misconstrued somebody’s words or actions. This can lead to a display of Taurean rage, a rare but alarming experience. Instead of voicing your fury, make a big effort to say those three little words that you find so difficult to utter—I love you.


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