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Scorpio in Love

Yours is the most passionate sign of the zodiac, and those who fall in love with you soon find out how deeply amorous you can be. Let’s not beat around the bush. Scorpio rules the reproductive organs, and beneath that smoldering exterior lays a lot of raw sexual energy. Your emotions run deep but you can hold them in check. You are capable of tremendous self-control but, when you see the green light, you don’t hold back—it’s all systems go with you. However, true to your nature, even during these most intimate moments, you like to be the dominant partner.
Scorpios can put on public displays of temper or emotion, because they love to be the center of attention. When you meet your life partner, you will be intensely possessive and there will be fireworks if you imagine that they are even glancing at anyone else. Though you are reluctant to admit it, you are extremely dependent on your partner. In private, you will display the utmost tenderness.

Sex is extremely important to you, and any problems in this side of your relationship will upset and infuriate you. Whatever the difficulty, you will see it as a personal failure, yet be too embarrassed to seek help or even to discuss the situation with your partner.



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