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Sagittarius in Love

You are lucky in love, and being attractive, you will undoubtedly be able to pick and choose when it comes to finding a partner. The main problem may be your need for complete freedom. Once you have met the right person, you are completely loyal but you still need your own space, and partners may find this difficult to understand.

You’re highly sexed and inclined to rush in where angels fear to tread. As soon as your ideal partner lights your fire, you’ll want to shower them with gifts before whisking them off to some big adventure in a new and exciting location. However, it is as well to ensure that your partner actually wants this. Don’t take too much for granted or get carried away by your enthusiasm.

Although your loyalty to your partner is beyond question, he or she may complain that you are more concerned with universal love than with personal devotion. No matter how deeply you feel about humankind in general, you should first offer a great deal of TLC to your partner.

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