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Pisces in Love

You’re one of the zodiac’s romantics, prone to see the world through rose-tinted glasses. This makes you imagine that every advance made to you will bring your ideal lover. You’ll throw caution to the winds if you think that this is the major romance that you’ve been waiting for Do try to listen to your intuition. You can be devastated when you are let down.

In any relationship, you’re apt to be intensely emotional and submissive. These traits become even more marked when you finally meet the right partner. Nothing is too good for your partner, who can do no wrong.

Because you are such a fantasist, you will willingly enter into a clandestine liaison. To you a secret love affair can be exciting and therefore even more romantic. You’d much rather go out for a candlelit dinner with soft music playing in the background than leap into bed. Cuddling and caressing is often more important to you than the sexual act itself You can be highly responsive but seldom take the initiative, probably due to your innate shyness.

Pisces loves to be loved. Before you commit yourself to any partnership, be very sure that you are not in love with love itself.

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