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Libra in Love

If you’re looking for a partner, be careful. You above all others are a sucker for flattery. You thrive on admiration and you’ll fall head-over-heels in love—for the time being, anyway. Then you’ll fall just as quickly for the next sycophant who comes along. Why do you do this? The answer is simple. Libra is happy only when in the company of other people. You are terrified of being alone, so all relationships are of primary importance to you.

Eventually, you are sure to realize that you need to find someone with whom you can have a completely harmonious relationship. This won’t happen until you meet the one person who can sit on the other side of the scales and balance you in all respects. Without this, your relationship will have a highly uncertain future. You hate arguments, and anyone who rocks the boat—or tips the scales—will get short shrift from you.

Finding your partner may not be as difficult as it sounds, since you do seem attract the right sort of person. Once this person appears, you’ll think that all your birthdays have come at once. Just ensure that your lover remembers how much you need reassurance and appreciation for every little loving gesture.

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