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Leo in Love

In affairs of the heart, the leonine nature comes to the fore. A Leo woman expects to be wooed by a prince among men. A male Leo wants a beautiful princess whom he can dazzle with his sparkling, charismatic personality. If your partner turns out to be wealthy— well, that’s exactly what Leo deserves, isn’t it?

A one-sided romance is no good to a Leo. It’s essential that you receive as much love as you give. You’re a wonderful lover who has the ability to make your partner feel special. Just be sure that your partner realizes that friendship and unconditional love matter to you every bit as much as sex—though you’re no slouch in the bedroom.

Leos make absolutely loyal and supportive partners, but you also demand quite a lot in return. You expect to be proud to introduce your lover to other people, and you require them to exhibit the same high standards of behavior and appearance as you do.

You are likely to know your partner for some time before you commit yourself It is essential for you to have a harmonious home background and you realize that, in order to obtain this, the partners need to know each other well. Love from a stranger is not for Leo.

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