W o r l d s ..f i n e s t.. d a t i n g.. c o m m u n i t y




Learn to gently caress your partner's face. Learn to use your tongue to stimulate. Be sure to take note how your partner reacts to your kisses and keep the eyes locked into place and communicate with touch, feel and sense. Remember, confidence is the major factor in starting your kiss.
My first kiss was somewhat arkward, yet very anticipated. I attended an evening choir practice. There was a great deal of excitement buzzing around. Little couples were forming amongst our group of friends and I knew a particular boy liked me, even more so after he asked me to accompany him for  "an evening walk".

I did so, although there was this heavy feeling of reluctancy on my part. We eventually came to rest on a bench in the front gardens of my school. I sat next to him, not knowing where to place my hands or how to strike up a conversation for that matter.

We arkwardly smiled at each other. Mere moments before the kiss I had already started to mentally prepare myself, in hindsight, I had no idea what I was doing. I actually wondered if our heads would know inconveniently and end this momentous occassion.

When it happened it happened, there was no magical moment, however I was pleasently surprised by the fluidity of the whole experience. You just know exactly what to do. I felt very giddy afterwards, perhaps because I gotten that moment out of the way.

Now the magic of a kiss for me is that initial feeling you get, as though electricity is pulsing through both of your bodies and connects you in that way. To think that it all started on a garden bench





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