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Gemini in Love

One decidedly regrettable result of your twofold Gemini nature is that you are quite likely to jump from one partner to another, thereby earning a reputation for flirtatiousness. This makes for difficult relationships. With your quick wit, you easily attract others, but you find it difficult to maintain any liaison, partly because you seldom trust anybody. What’s more, you don’t trust your own emotions and find it hard to express them.

It is in your nature to let your head rule your heart, which is seldom the best way to establish any form of relationship. You can talk yourself out of any situation but you find it much more difficult to talk yourself into a permanent partnership. This may be because while others are charmed by your wit and smart talk, they tend to see you as being rather superficial.

Geminis like to have a second string to their bow in practically any partnership and are not above two-timing. You are so changeable that you can easily become bored with a lasting one-to­one relationship. Eventually, though, you will meet your soul mate and may even overcome your fickle nature. Whether or not you are able to be very faithful remains to be seen.


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