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Dos and Don'ts of Dating


> Put thought and effort into your appearance. Floss, brush, shower, shampoo, and shave before your date.
> Be on time.
> Use silverware correctly, be polite to the waitstaff, and tip well.
> Open the door for your date—or anyone else, for that mat-ter—if you happen to reach it first.
> Relax and enjoy the moment—even if you don’t think it’s an immediate love connection.
> Ask your date questions, although not in the manner of a prosecuting attorney.
> Refrain from sharing the highly personal details—your di­vorce, vasectomy, abusive childhood, or adenoid surgery—un­less you are trying to make a quick getaway.
> Accept rejection gracefully.


> Stand people up.
>Wear scary clothes—red leather pants, a yodeler’s cap.
> Make fun of people with bad teeth or thick glasses until you’ve seen your date’s teeth and glasses.  
> Order for your date without asking.  
> Bring up your STDs or your sexual predilections (no mat- ter how fascinating). Same goes for your thoughts on children, commitment, or marriage.
> Confuse one date with another—keep track of your dates, even if it means using an Excel spreadsheet.
> Don’t call people on your cell phone or IM back and forth with friends instead of talking with your date.
> Pick anything on a date, save a good restaurant or fun-filled entertainment.
> Forget to bring enough cash or credit to pay for both of you.




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