W o r l d s ..f i n e s t.. d a t i n g.. c o m m u n i t y




This seems like a no-brainer except for the number of dating stories out there about guys showing up in stain-encrusted jeans and women arriving with their assets hanging out. Either of those looks is fine if what you’re going for is something that shouts “big fat slob” or “skanky whore,” and there are certainly times when that’s exactly what we choose to project. Projecting that on a first date, however, may not be your true intent. What’s the best thing to wear when trying to make a smart first impression? Something that’s comfortable, something that’s flattering, and something that fits.

“Obviously, the most important date is the first date, “You’ll want to feel really comfortable because if you feel uncomfortable, then the date may not go well.”

It’s also important to dress for the event. “One of the number one things for everyone to remember is to dress appropriately,” says fashion stylist Susan Lvitt. “If it’s a cookout on the beach, then you don’t want to wear your Milano spike heels. Find out where you’re going and what you’re going to be doing there, and then dress appropriately. If you’re meeting someone for coffee, don’t go in like a total schlump and don’t go in all overdressed either. Dress appropriately for your age, for the season, and for the venue. And remember, at the end of the day what works in most situations is understated elegance.”




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