W o r l d s ..f i n e s t.. d a t i n g.. c o m m u n i t y




Why do you want to date? Some people, for instance those frantic women who devour every fifteen-step “how-to-catch­a-manual” to hit the bookshelves, date because they want to get married—now. Others are looking for something less permanent:
some casual conversation, some casual sex.
For 23-year-old Mark, it’s not just sex—it’s good sex. “Anybody can have a one-night stand. But sex definitely gets better over time if it’s with the right person.”

Desiree, 48, is in it for the sex as well, although she does own up to a bit of a mixed agenda. “I love being with men and I really like sex,” she says, “but as much as I hate to admit it, underneath it all, I’m still looking for that freaking picket fence.”

For 30-year-old Michael, it’s friendship. For Eric, 27, free meals. Jean-Pierre, 46, is searching for his soul mate. Jesse, 27, some companionship and making out. Some folks date out of boredom, others out of spite.

“I once had a friend who would do that,” writes Carly, a 40-year-old from Jersey City. “If a guy tried to pick her up on the street in an unflattering way, she’d date him for spite and make his night miserable just to teach him a lesson.”

Whether it’s free food, family pressure, or a potential 401k, everybody dates for a reason. The tricky part is finding someone whose reason is reasonably close to yours.

“I wish everyone could wear a sign stating their intentions,” says Karen, a 31-year-old teacher from Chicago. “That way, those looking to just hook up could find each other, have sex, and be happy. And those of us who want something a little more sub-stantial could zero in on the right people.”

Her solution?

“Remember Garanimals? Everything with a giraffe tag went together, or a panda tag, et cetera. You didn’t have to worry about matching; you could tell just by looking. We need those tags.”

Unfortunately, we don’t have those tags. And even if we did, there would still be problems. Why? Because people are not always entirely forthcoming about their motives, particularly when it comes to love and/or lust. Even if a tag clearly reads Friends with Benefits, the person may actually be a Wannabe Wife

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