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Capricorn in Love

Your high standards and your unswerving ambition can present difficulties when you turn your mind to romance. You have trouble expressing your emotions and find it easier to arrange a business seminar than to ask for a date. However, if you can tear yourself away from analyzing your balance sheet for a moment, you may notice that someone is trying to catch your attention. Put your work aside. Try to relax and let your sense of humor come to the surface. Your rare smiles can be extremely attractive.

You will respect your partner and his or her wishes, even if that means keeping your latent passion under firm control. You have distinct and, some would say, old-fashioned views on the sanctity of marriage, clinging to traditional values. Your chosen partner will be one you can look up to, and may be one or two notches higher up the social ladder than you are. You may find, too, that you are drawn to a partner who is a few years your senior.

Because you are always slow to commit yourself, this may take some time. However, don’t be tempted to put your love life or your family on hold until you’ve achieved all your ambitions. You’ll always find new heights to scale.

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