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Aries in Love
You have a truly awesome capacity for concentration, and this can be one of your greatest assets. However, as a true Arien, you will never be so single-minded that you don’t have time for amorous distractions. On the contrary, you will probably break quite a few hearts before you settle down, and you will almost certainly form some short-lived but sexy relationships.

Ariens are more likely than most to fall head-over-heels in love when the right partner comes along. Don’t allow your passionate, impulsive nature to draw you into an affair that is more lust than love. Consult the stars before entering into any commitment.

You will probably fall in love a thousand times before you decide to settle down. When this does happen, you will be steadfast, reliable, and faithful. In return, you’ll expect your partner to be waiting with open arms when you come home. This doesn’t mean that you’ll want to put on your slippers and watch television, because you’ll want to whisk your partner off to some new adventure.

Typically, you’re impulsive and impatient; these qualities are sure to affect any partnership you may form. You like to lead, you can be assertive or even aggressive in your approach, and you expect your partner to follow. You are unable to understand why your partner can’t see things the way that you do. You’re not above using some rather dubious tactics to get your own way—on the premise that the ends justify the means. Reason and diplomacy are foreign to you.

Your zest for life is considerable, and woe betide anyone who tries to put out that fire. You jump at the opportunity to try anything fresh and interesting, even if it’s only going to a new restaurant for dinner. Your inability to accept advice is one of those down points that occasionally lead you into trouble, but it’s no good telling you that—you’re not listening.

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