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Aquarius in Love

When you fall in love, you’ll tend to be even more eccentric. If you make a date, you’ll either be late or not show up at all. Your idea of breaking the ice is liable to be a conversation about world affairs, human philosophy, or other abstract topics.

The person who most attracts you will probably be decidedly and obviously unconventional. You soon tire of anyone who appears normal, which to you means dull. Most of the time, you don’t even notice that your friends may appear extraordinary to other people; you’re happy to take them anywhere.

However, are you willing to commit yourself to a relationship? You enjoy the friendship, but freedom is very important to you. You often avoid one-to-one emotional involvement and, when you do fall in love, you will expect friendship as well as passion. You will be very loyal and faithful—but you’ll still demand a great deal of freedom and will expect to be the dominant partner in the relationship
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