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Some argue that letting a new lover know that you care for them is folly. “The most certain way of losing prestige is to let a man see that he occupies a more important place in your mind than you in his,” writes Doris Langley Moore in The Technique of the Love Affair (1928). “Good or bad, merciful or ruthless, all human creatures are the same in this—the knowledge that there is a soul desperate with devotion before them can only excite pity or amusement, exactly as if they saw the other groveling not in the spirit but in the flesh.

”But there’s a distinct difference between letting someone know you like them and letting them know you’re a doormat. In an era of flaky ambivalence and relentless ennui, an honest expression of affection can be as refreshing as a Listerine pocket pack. Don’t be afraid to let someone know, either through word or deed, that you care.


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